Hotel St. Pierre Is ‘All That Jazz’ in NOLA

A trumpet in the Jazz Museum showcase near Hotel St. Pierre

Featuring an intriguing and storied past, the St. Pierre was many different things before it became a hotel, and over the years the cottages that now make up the entire property were also home to a host of businesses. The cottage now known as the Jazz Cottage Building, located at 1017 Dumaine Street, was established as the first-ever jazz museum in the world in 1961! This was just the beginning of the rich jazz vibe that envelops the Hotel St. Pierre today. 

Some of the most memorable exhibits were the first records of Jelly Roll Morton and Cozy Cole, as well as Louis Armstrong’s trumpet. In 1969, the Crossbeam Hotel was born, opening its doors to many vibrant and talented jazz artists, including the legendary Mr. Armstrong himself. Through the years, the hotel changed many hands, finally becoming the Hotel St. Pierre in the early 1990s.

If a love for jazz is one of the things that brings you to the Big Easy, then there’s no better place to spend your stay than at the Hotel St. Pierre. In addition to celebrating New Orleans’ rich jazz culture, the charming collection of French Quarter cottages also puts you within walking distance to some of the best jazz clubs in the area. Here are four places where you’ll definitely want to stop and listen to the music:

  • Fritzel’s European Jazz Club -- Step inside this 19th-century building and experience the oldest operated jazz club in New Orleans. You’ll be treated to an array of fantastic traditional jazz from a variety of all-star performers, whether you grab tickets for one of the regular weekend players, or sit in on a late-night jam session. There is also a collection of schnapps and German beers, both on tap and bottled, so you can sip and relax while you enjoy the music.

  • Maison Bourbon Jazz Club -- It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, if you want to hear authentic jazz this lively club delivers some of the best music in town. This establishment is one of Bourbon Street’s oldest live jazz clubs and one of only two that still exist on Bourbon to this day. Besides being known for its incredible atmosphere and music, the Maison Bourbon is also the place where many jazz legends served their apprenticeships, including NOLA’s very own icon, Harry Connick, Jr. 

  • Mahogany Jazz Hall -- Once upon a time, this popular jazz hall was the most extravagant bordello in the New Orleans “Red Light District,” known as Storyville. Originally called The Hall of Mirrors, today mirrors are used throughout the VIP seating area and the stage, paying tribute to this establishment’s fun and vibrant past. Guests can sip on Absinthe while enjoying Burlesque acts or listening to incredible jazz and blues music from a number of talented musicians. 

  • Palm Court Jazz Café -- If you’re looking for a place to listen to some great jazz while indulging in classic New Orleans food, then make a visit to this cozy cafe. Housed in an old French Market warehouse, Palm Court is a great place to hear live music while experiencing traditional Creole cuisine. Reservations are strongly suggested for this entertaining venue.

Are you ready to feel the rhythm of this amazing city? Book your stay at the Hotel St. Pierre and put yourself in the heart of the city, where the music and the magic are always just a few steps away.