It’s Southern Decadence Time In New Orleans


This year, Southern Decadence will boast the following theme: “Jazz. Burlesque. Decadent. New Orleans.” The official colors of the event are gold and red. Although parties and festivities will last for days, the climax of it all is on Sunday, when the Grand Marshals lead a walking parade through the streets of the French Quarter starting at 2 PM.

 You’ll find special events and activities throughout the Vieux Carré, but the main action is on the corner of Bourbon Street and St. Ann Street. This corner is home to the city’s most prominent gay nightclubs, The Bourbon Pub and Parade Disco. voted the club one of the top gay bars in the world. 

 The bars never close, so you’ll find something to do 24/7. Lots of partying happens in the streets throughout the Quarter, and you’ll find plenty of dance parties inside the clubs.


Make the most of your Southern Decadence experience with a bit of planning. Here are some tips so you can have the best possible time.


  • Wear comfortable shoes -- you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking. Some streets throughout the French Quarter don’t allow parking during the days of the event. Pay attention to no parking signs so your fun doesn’t get dampened by a parking ticket (or worse, your car gets impounded). You can also choose to snag a taxi or call an Uber.
  • Safety First -- Make sure you stay in groups; don’t go wandering off solo. Keep a map or your GPS handy, so you can get where you’re going. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and take as little with you as possible. And stay alert when you’re snapping those insta-worthy photos.
  • Stay Informed -- The corner of Bourbon and St. Ann will have information tables, and many of the clubs will also have literature available. You can stay on top of what’s happening and which events are taking place where.
  • Don’t Forget to Get a To-Go Cup -- Yes, you can drink in the streets in the Big Easy, but only out of plastic cups. So before you leave the bar, if you have a glass, ask for a to-go cup to transfer your drink.
  • Remember to Eat -- We get it; New Orleans is known for its party vibe and lots of drinking. And with many bars open 24/7, it can be easy to lose track of time. New Orleans also has the most fantastic food in the world, so make sure to enjoy it throughout your day to keep a good balance.


Find out more information, get tickets, and check out the schedules by perusing the event's official website and guide.


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